With my assistance and knowledge, i believe that anyone can learn a language efficiently and promptly. Take a look at some of the services i offer which may be tailored to your needs!

Help Sheets

Help sheets are word documents which will be tailored to you personally. These sheets allow you to plan your day thoroughly in order to schedule language learning into your schedule. These help sheets can also be used to make your learning as efficient and productive as possible. The benefits of using these sheets is that you are able to take a step back and take a look at your personal schedule, all while looking at where you can fit in language learning and make this a routine that will become very hard to break. In my opinion, the best aspect of these sheets is that it helps you build up a routine from the very start! These routines become very easy to manage, schedule and eventually become addictive. In terms of pricing, a broad, general bundle of help sheets are £3 which can be tailored to anyone and for £5, the bundle of help sheets will be tailored to you, made by myself to suit your interests, aims and target language.

One to One Mentoring

One -on-one mentoring can be extremely useful! Perhaps the best part of mentoring one-on-one, is that you get to ask as many questions as you like, engage in interesting discussions, receive the best quality advice and while i may be able to help you achieve your goals in your target language, you may also teach me something that i have never came across before. Mentoring to me, does not mean that i ‘teach’ you a specific language, but instead teach you how to learn languages better and make the process a lot more enjoyable, all while you experience success at learning your target language.These lessons can take place via Facebook, Skype and Discord. I understand that people do not want to spend huge sums of money to learn about the ‘secrets’ of language learning, and that is why i have made this service as affordable as possible. One hour of mentoring begins at £10, however, should you require a trial before diving into mentoring, i am offering a trial session at only £5 for forty minutes.

I am now offering a package of five lessons for £35 (saving you £15) and ten lessons for £70 (saving you £30)!

Brand New e-book *Coming Soon*

In my first e-book, i go into great details about my personal language learning story, how i came up with my philosophy, how i learnt the tricks of the trade and why i am now expanding my knowledge and attempting to help others across the globe. I also talk about how i learn languages and explain how i succeeded at learning multiple foreign languages without the help of school. This e-book is perfect for people interested in personal stories, learning about what many polyglots don’t talk about/mention as well as, people interested in how they can better learn languages in written form. This brand new e-book costs a simple £3 and all proceeds will go back into the blog and further expanding its potential.

How To Purchase

Purchasing services from my website is very straight forward. Simply get in contact with me via the contact form below. I will get back to you as soon as possible with more details about availability, completing purchases and any other additional information you may require. All purchases will be completed via PayPal in order to make all purchases as safe as possible because neither of us want something to go wrong somewhere! I wish you all the best and i hope to hear from you shortly.

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