Although my time is spent being a student and a modern languages tutor, I simply adore writing and conducting research where possible! This page is very much a ‘work in progress’, but I have high hopes! This page shall be the home to my academic research, creative writing and additional pieces.

Ein Mann Kommt nach Österreich‘ is a short play I wrote based in 21st century Austria. The play observes Austria from the viewpoint of a refugee named Ahmed who seeks refuge in what is an extraordinarily stunning country. The narrative actively demonstrates the reality of being an immigrant or refugee of any kind within the European gem that is Austria, as well as conveying Austria’s beauty through the medium of text. Through alienation and isolation the reader can anticipate to experience a variety of observations and themes.

This text was written as my formal entry to the WriteAUT competition 2021 where partaking Irish and British universities had a student represent their academic institution. I was fortunate enough to be placed in the final round of the contest and have my text published on the WriteAUT website. Voting remains open at present so please do vote for text 13 (my entry) as your favourite text by following the link provided above! *VOTING CLOSES APRIL 15TH 2021*

WriteAUT reader:

“Superb stuff, loved the read!”

WriteAUT reader:

“I’ve still a lot to learn to understand all the content but I do realise you’re super talented. Well done!”

Maggie Brocken:

“I found this a powerful and thoughtful piece of writing.”

WriteAUT reader:

“This is amazing. So many words I had forgotten existed! I feel like I understood about 80 percent of it! WELL DONE!!”

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