Public Speaking

One of my favourite things to do is present my ideology, philosophy and passion for all things language. After having some experience talking about language learning and travel, i find the process enjoyable and i love to pass on my skills to viewers who are engaged and ready to learn. I am offering my services as a public talker, particularly in Scotland and online. Take a look below where you’ll find a selection of subjects that i find confident speaking about.

The Differences Between Polyglots and Language Learners

This is an in depth talk, designed for people with a passion for language learning. In this talk, i discuss the idea of polyglots being different to language learners. This talk contains the differences and key features of a language learner and a polyglot.

What Even is a Polyglot?

In this talk, i look at what attributes contribute to becoming a polyglot. As well as that, i also discuss multiple topics, including; how many languages does one need to know before becoming a polyglot, at what level should each language be at before calling yourself a polyglot and do you need a passion to be a polyglot.

How We Can Learn Languages Better

In this presentation, i go into great detail about what we can do to learn languages in a more effective and efficient way. I discuss making time to learn languages, why doing a little a day is the best method, why we believe that we can’t learn languages and whether or not anyone is talented at learning languages. This talk opens our eyes and will hopefully change the way the audience learns languages forever. This is a very powerful and informative talk designed for students, polyglots, language lovers and anyone who is willing to learn.

How to Hire Me:

Should you wish to hire me, please get in contact below with details about your event, contact details and the talk that you want me to present.

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