Are you interested in the courses I teach at present? I offer a wide variety of classes across all of my teaching languages and I have a great deal of experience teaching each individual class on offer. Here is what some students have to say about the courses:


German Grammar and Conversation

Within this class students work on their spoken production and develop their grammar accuracy. This class is conducted by using various resources which are produced by myself, ranging from PowerPoint presentations to gap fills in song lyrics. This class is my most popular and has an excellent success rate. Each lesson is new, exciting, engaging and relevant to the student. In a trial session I will assess one’s level and how I can work with you in order to achieve one’s goals. After this initial discussion, it is time to get into some German grammar and conversation!


“Every lesson is a breakthrough, today I feel like Lee helped me eliminate hours of unnecessary studying by connecting the bridges between Definite and Indefinite articles in their various German Case forms WAY faster than I would’ve been able to do on my own. Thanks again!”


“Lee came very prepared and explained the different ways he works with other students – and after some good discussion we were able to pick out the best way for me. The lesson is relaxed but focused and Lee is very encouraging. I’m looking forward to having Lee as a regular tutor.”

German // Austrian Literature and Writing

I consider German and Austrian literature to be my specialty – a specialty that I dedicate much of my available time to! Since undertaking my undergraduate degree, I have discovered the wonders that German and Austrian literature have to offer and the insight literature gives us into the minds of others. This course examines key works of literature (and film in some cases) from the 19th and 20th centuries. One can expect to develop an understanding and background of the writer in question, as well as the historic insights, themes and symbols throughout the piece. Depending on the student’s interests, we can look at film, poetry, plays and/or novels. Some notable writers we may discuss are Franz Kafka, Bertolt Brecht, Wolfgang Borchert and Ingeborg Bachmann. This class also allows you to develop your written abilities in German. This class consists of discussions, analysis and writing practice.


“Great lesson on Kafka’s short story. Lee was a passionate teacher and prepared a lot to make the lesson fruitful. Danke schön!”


“Really enjoy my class with Lee, he’s prepared and very encouraging! I look forward to my next class with him!”

German Studies – Learn About German and Austrian Culture, History, Society, Politics and Literature!

There is a lot more to Germany’s past that the rise and fall of the Nazis. In this course one can expect to analyse the 19th and 20th centuries in Germany and Austria and how this history has impacted the two countries today. On one hand, we have a country that acknowledges its past and uses its mistakes to educate the younger generations, and on the other hand we have a country which took a lot longer to acknowledge its complaisant behaviours. This course dives into the historic events which have made the countries what they are know, as well as look at the society one experiences today. We will look at relevant literature and politics.


“An incredible first history and cultural lesson on Germany! These lessons will definitely enhance the language learning experience.”
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