What I Have Learnt From Tutoring on Italki After One Week

Italki is an educational website for language learners and language teachers. The website allows students of a foreign language to meet teachers, engage in discussions and meet language partners from all over the world. Italki has been around for quite a while now and before i applied to be a tutor on italki, i had [...]

Reading In Language Learning

Recently i started reading a novel in German called, "Der Besuch Der Alten Dame", and it got me thinking about how important reading is in language learning. It is apart learning a language, alongside listening, speaking and writing, but is reading that efficient and can you learn a lot from reading in your target language? [...]

My Love For Europe As A European

I was fortunate to grow up in one of the best continents on earth, Europe. I myself am from Scotland, one of four British Isles, on the continent of Europe, making me a European. But why do i have this love and passion for Europe that draws me to new countries every year? I feel [...]