Lee Morrow

Hello, I’m Lee! I am a language learner from not so sunny Scotland. At present I am pursuing a degree in MA French and German Studies, and I have the hopes of continuing my academic journey by conducting a PhD.

Lee Morrow – Language teacher, literature lover, avid researcher and world traveller.

My name is Lee and I am a student of MA French and German Studies at the University of Aberdeen. In addition to this, I have been teaching ESL, French and German for over two years to students of all types and abilities. While the majority of my teaching has been conducted online, I also have experience teaching in the classroom in Scotland and abroad.

I travel where possible. At present the current COVID travel restrictions are too strict in Scotland for me to be able to travel, but I am excited to get back to travelling as soon as the situation eases. I have travelled to multiple continents in order to explore cultures of all kinds, yet Europe as a continent constantly grabs my attention and interest the most. It also should be noted that reading is also a hobby of mine which I pursue every day. I aim to read as much as possible and I am always looking for more literature recommendations!

I have a particular interest in German Studies (mainly studying German literature and history during the 20th century). I entertain myself by studying various languages and travelling the globe, all of which increases and develops my world competency. I started this blog in 2019 to share my experiences of learning languages, a goal I uphold and aim to constantly achieve. While this is still a primary goal of mine, I also want to share more content relevant to my degree at university and the subject of German Studies. Language learning truly gets me out of bed in the morning and it has drastically changed my life for the better. In short, it is the very thing that has enabled me to do what I do today and through learning languages I have been able to meet some of the most incredible people.


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Modern Languages Tutor at italki (June 2019 – present)
At italki I tutor French, German and English to several regular students and temporary students. I have extensive teaching experience at italki and I have had to work with students of all types, abilities and ages. Collaborative skills are truly essential to this role and the ability to function with others is invaluable!

Senior Creative Director of French and German at Language Learning Scotland (May 2020 – October 2020)
During my time at Language Learning Scotland I developed language learning materials and practice exam papers for high school students of SQA modern languages. I used management skills to lead a team of at least ten individuals so that high standards could be met. Accuracy, time keeping and presentation skills were also key. I left this position to further pursue teaching, but I look back with positivity only!

German Tutor at Unmumble (October 2020 – present)
While I have not been teaching at Unmumble for a large amount of time, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the new, upcoming company. At Unmumble I teach German history and language to group classes of all sizes.

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