Hello dear readers and those of you who are buzzing language enthusiasts. My name is Lee Morrow and i am a student currently based in Aberdeen, Scotland. To put everything into short, i am an enthusiastic language learner who adores all things languages and travel.

Since i was young, i have always enjoyed learning about foreign cultures and ideas. I remember being extremely fond of atlases and looking at where i came from and then comparing that to where other people come from around the globe. I have grown up living only in Scotland but i was very fortunate to be able to travel from the age of about four. I can reminisce to the days where my grandparents and I were in Spain, communicating in Spanish and then visiting a local French bakery and being forced to use my very rusty French to order a baguette. I believe these days to be the real reason that i have studied so many languages and travelled all over.

I have learnt that in many years of schooling and taking language classes that languages cannot be taught in a classroom. While i do love the structure of lessons, at times, lessons are only built to prepare you for an exam and not for life. For example, many students can tell a teacher all about their pets and family life but when it comes to real life situations, they are clueless. With my philosophy and language learning success, my short answer to the question, “How can i learn a language to fluency?”, is usually, have lots of contact with the language and make your learning personal to you.

I am no teacher but one thing that i do have is an experience. I also believe that no one on this earth can teach you a language and that is why i cannot sit behind a computer screen and claim to teach anyone a certain language like French or Japanese, for example. I think that there are many ways we can better learn how to learn languages and that is why i want to share my knowledge of learning languages and help you, the very reader, achieve your idea of success in your target language.

Just by keeping up with my blog or partaking in the services i can offer, i want to do my very best at helping you achieve your goals and aims.

I hope this gives you an introduction to me as a person and an introduction to my language learning philosophy.

Lee in Glasgow, en route to sunny Germany
Lee in New York City, NY, USA
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