Well here we are, three and a half weeks into lockdown here in the UK and I thought I would share some positivity and pass on my love for language learning podcasts. I am not going to lie; it has been a weird few weeks recently, but I have found my time in quarantine to be productive. Are you interested in podcasting and the idea of listening to podcasts about language learning? I have been listening to multiple podcasts related to language learning and today I am going to recommend some great podcasts filled with knowledge, advice and guidance that are suitable for any learner! 

  1. The Fluent Show

Starting off strong we have, ‘The Fluent Show’. This is a podcast founded and hosted by Kerstin Cable, an inspiring polyglot from Germany who currently resides in the United Kingdom. Kerstin has interviewed some of the community’s most renowned language learners who have shared their experiences and advice. As well as this, ‘The Fluent Show’ is known for involving its community of listeners by posing questions to the audience, allowing the community to ask questions and add comments. This means that the audience is heavily involved in the show itself which creates a friendly, open virtual experience. I have been listening to the show for quite some time now and it is always a delight to listen to what Kerstin has to say. I can’t recommend this show enough to those learners out there who are struggling with all sorts of language learning issues. 

2. Actual Fluency

The next podcast that I would like to draw your attention towards is called, ‘Actual Fluency’. In many ways the podcast is quite similar to ‘The Fluent Show’ but the presenter, Kris Broholm always creates a warming atmosphere. Kris has interviewed many legends since starting the podcast but what I like most is how human he is. The show is very transparent, something I appreciate a lot! He is willing to share his struggles in language learning and makes it very clear in his show that we are all human. Kris Broholm, a well-known organiser and polyglot within the language learning community, comes from Denmark. He not only shares his language learning stories, but he also shares his experiences of living abroad and the moving process. This was of great interest to me and many others around the globe. You are guaranteed to laugh (for all the right reasons) when listening to the show. 

3. I Will Teach You A Language

Moving forward through my list, we will now look at, ‘I Will Teach You A Language’, hosted by Olly Richards. Olly is a polyglot who has been learning languages for many years and has a large amount of experience. Olly’s advice is always straight forward and achievable. Olly Richard’s often refers to his own experience when discussing language learning methods and techniques which is always motivational to see. As well as running a very successful podcast, Olly is also an author of the ‘Short Stories’ series. Olly is very honest but still finds a way to make the information stick with you for a long time. I would especially recommend these podcasts to individuals who are starting to take the initial steps into the world of language learning. 

4. Duolingo

Regardless of whether or not you are a fan of Duolingo, there is a wide selection of Duolingo podcasts available in a few languages. Taking the Duolingo Spanish podcasts as an example, there is usually some background given on a particular story which is then followed by a story in Spanish. This series is great for learners who of an intermediate level and enjoy being pushed. There are a lot of cultural expressions and references which may pose a challenge but the podcasts are education, fun and informative.

5. News in Slow…

‘News in Slow…’ is another group of podcasts which are great for learners of languages at an intermediate and advanced level. Last year I was an active user of ‘News in Slow Spanish’. This definitely helps one practice their listening comprehension at a decent pace. 

6. Innovative Language

Moving on from the previous podcasts mentioned, the ‘… Pod101’series is great for learning on the go. These podcasts are produced by, ‘Innovative Language’. Before my trip to Belgium in 2018, I challenged myself to learn beginner’s Dutch and so I found myself listening to the, ‘Dutch Pod101’ podcast. A native speaker will explain expressions, new vocabulary and give the listener a cultural insight. As someone who was able to progress in Dutch quite quickly, I could practice my listening comprehension actively and learn new vocabulary. This is just one example but there are many languages on offer. In the past, I have used these podcasts for Russian and Arabic and found them to be quite useful! 

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