We live in a world where Netflix and other large video streaming providers are dominating the global market. Regardless of whether you think this is positive or negative, there are some positive advantages that we can gain from watching TV shows in our target languages. 

Today i am not here to tell you all why you should use TV shows/films to learn a language, but rather to give examples of some of my personal favourite Netflix shows that i have been watching lately. I have viewed many, upon many Netflix shows in numerous languages but today, i will be condensing my list into five places. These series are in no particular order. Are you ready to watch some Netflix in your target language? Let’s get started!


Hostages has to be one of my favourite shows I have ever had the pleasure of watching. The show is set in Israel and spoken entirely in Hebrew. The plot is an interesting one. At the beginning of the series, we learn of an everyday family, with ordinary parents. We learn that Yael Danon, a fantastic and highly skilled surgeon and mother of two, will be performing surgery to the Prime Minister of Israel. Little does Yael know, this will have a dangerous impact on her family. During one night while the family are preparing themselves for a relaxing evening, a group of four masked men break in and take the family hostage. They blackmail the family and demand that the surgeon kill the Prime Minister during his upcoming surgery. The series follows the family and the masked men during the hostage taking and we find out eventually what happens during surgery. The series is eventful and comes with many twists and turns. To say I enjoyed this series would be an understatement. 


Huge In France is a Netflix show that I watched about six months ago. I enjoyed the plot as it was quite light and comedic so naturally, I warmed to the series quite well and I must say that I also really enjoyed the soundtrack. Huge In France is a show in both English and French. We watch Gad, a well known Frenchman, fly to Los Angeles to see his son after a long period of time. Sadly, his son does not feel this way. The story follows the relationship between Gad and his son in a comedic and wholesome way. I would highly recommend this show to people who enjoy a light series on the side or simply wish to watch something that requires less brain energy to follow. 


Elite is quite a well known series, even in the English speaking world. Elite is a series based in Spain, in Spanish, with numerous plots and twists. When three, middle class students enrol in a more wealthy, private school, this leads to the mysterious murder of a student. There are many turns in the road during the series and it’s also a great way of practicing your Spanish. 


Based in ISIS territory within Syria, this Netflix show is again one of my favourites. The show takes us along the journey of individuals wishing to join ISIS, only to find out that ISIS life is not what they had in mind. We witness the tough, cruel life faced by many ordinary citizens and the harsh planning of mass terror plots around the world. This is not a documentary and I feel as though I should make this clear. While this is fiction, if this type of series is likely to trigger you, stay clear. I enjoy the series as it allowed me to learn more about the control of ISIS, the escape of refugees in Syria and also the thinking behind their beliefs. It is an interesting and upsetting watch, in Arabic, but one I would recommend.


Set in modern day Germany, in German, How To Sell Drugs Online Fast, is a comedic and enjoyable watch for learners of German. The story follows an everyday teenager named Moritz Zimmermann, while he tries to impress his crush in an intriguing fashion. Moritz starts to sell drugs online and quickly becomes one of the biggest drug dealers in Europe. The story is funny and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Learners of German shouldn’t find this series too challenging but the story regardless is amusing! 

So in conclusion, I am aware, my taste in Netflix shows aren’t great. However, there are so many multilingual Netflix shows available that will suit your tastes. Whether you study Japanese, Swedish or Spanish, there is a series or film for you that you can use. I hope any of these five are of any use to you. 

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