It has been some time since i took to this blog to write about my language learning goals and so today, i am going to write about what i want to achieve in language learning during the year of 2020. It’s a new decade and a new chapter in my life that i am excited to share with you all. I am not a believer of new year resoultions because i believe that one shouldn’t wait for the start of a new year, to do something that they have always wanted to do. So these aren’t ‘resolutions’ by any means. Instead, these are objectives and references for myself that i can look back on in the future. I am always interested in what other individuals aim to achieve in their langauge learning and i also like to keep myself accountable so i have decided to join in and update you, dear readers, on where i am, what i have been up to recently and my targets for 2020.

Aberdeen, Scotland

Firstly, since i last updated my blog, i travelled to New York City where i had the opportunity to practice multiple langauges and i gained inspiration to continue studying certain languages. This trip definitely motivated me to improve my language learning skills and to dive deeper into various languages that i haven’t spent a lot of time studying. In short, the trip was fantastic and i am extremely grateful to have visited such an international and colourful city. After this trip, it was back to work and study which gave me very little time to focus on my own directed learning. Soon, it was the festive season and work became very busy indeed. All i can say is, it has been quite hectic and i am happy to have some more time on my hands which i can use for my own guided study. Now, without any more hesitation, let us take a look at what i aim to achieve during the coming year in terms of travel and language learning.

Language Learning


Korean is a langauge that i started studying towards the end of 2015 but i do not think that the time was right. I soon decided to move on from Korean at that point and to instead focus on some languages that required my attention sooner. Now that i have more motivation, encouragement, resources and time, i am going to be studying the language of Korean this year. So far i have numerous resources at hand, but not too many that will make me feel overwhelmed. So far, i can remember some very basic greetings and i can still read and write the Korean alphabet, which is going to be helpful. My goal for Korean is to reach a solid A2 level. I would like to complete the beginner textbook from ‘Living Language’ and then to complete some of the intermediate materials from the same course. I would like to listen to Korean as often as possible. So currently i am looking for any YouTubers, films and series that i can enjoy and study from. I will also be taking weekly classes on italki so i will have regular contact with Korean language teachers, giving me extra support.


Russian and i have been friends since the beginning of 2019, yet i still struggle to build sentences and to get my head around the language from time to time. I adore the Russian language and i have enjoyed studying the language more and more. I have been using Babbel for the last year which has been a fantastic resource to use. This year, i would like to build my A1/A2 level up and work towards a B1 level if possible. I listen daily but i would like to start writing more. Because of this, i am going to start writing regular diary extracts in Russian and i shall have my Russian tutor correct me. I would like to continue using Babbel each day, as well as complete my ‘Russian in Ten Minutes A Day’ textbook. I would like to use this textbook as revision. In general, i want to work on solidifying my knowledge of Russian before expanding.


I have been studying Polish for nearly five years now. Each year, i have been travelling back and forth between Poland and Scotland out of personal interest, bringing me more confidence to speak. My Polish level varies from time to time but i want to finish ‘Colloquial Polish’, mainly as revision and to work through a new textbook i purchased while in Gdansk for learners at a B1 level. This will hopefully boost my grammar knowledge and improve my vocabulary. In Polish, i need to focus on listening comprehension. In the past, i have listened and watched many aspects of Polish radio and media. I am going to continue listening to Radio Krakow and watching Polish YouTubers in order to maintain and improve my level.

Dublin, Ireland

Travel in 2020


I love the continent of Europe. I love the various cultures, languages and identities. I have seen a large amount of Europe already but i just love being in mainland Europe. This year, i shall return to Poland in March for sure. I will be in Paris a couple of times, mainly for just a few hours, while connecting to further areas of the world as well. I will also be travelling around Germany during the end of May and beginning of June. I am always looking for cheap flights and trips that i can embarque on but sometimes, the time of year is simply of no use. I am aiming to visit three new European countries this year, more than likely between summer and winter. Some countries i have in mind are Slovenia, Croatia, North Macedonia and Romania, but i shall not limit myself.

Domestic Travel:

It’s a given that i will be travelling between London and Aberdeen a lot this year because of long distance friendships but i always crave time in London. London is one of my favourite places i have been to. A new destination domestically will be Belfast, Northern Ireland. One of my best friend has relations in Northern Ireland so i may find myself in Northen Ireland a couple of times throughout the year but i am still unsure. I could end up in Manchester, the Scottish Islands or anywhere else in the United Kingdom for that matter but still nothing is certain as of yet. I will obviously be travelling a lot around Scotland this year, as i do each year. Cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh and Perth will be regular destinations for me during my down time.

World Travel:

In June this year, i will be spending almost a month in Peru, South America. I will be trekking through the country and flying between Peruvian cities. I will be volunteering throughout the country in numerous locations but i think the most worthwhile will be volunteering in an orphanage for a week. My group and i will be learning about their backgrounds and providing some fun in their lives. I am very humbled to say the least. As well as Peru, a trip to the USA is a possibility again. This will depend on the time of year and what happens in life. There are also many destinations in Asia and Africa that i would like to visit during my free time before university.

New York City, USA
New York City, USA
JFK Airport, New York City

In Conclusion

In conclusion, i am very excited for the year to come. I would like to thank all of my friends and family for their support in 2019 and i look forward to a busy, exciting 2020. A lot is coming this year and i can’t wait to share all of my experiences with you all.

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