Language learning is a process that offers countless benefits. Whether we are learning a language in order to engage with another individual or in order to dive deeper into a culture foreign to our own, the ability to converse in an additional language offers us many exciting opportunities. I feel incredibly lucky that I have been able to meet so many creative, engaging individuals from around the world by being able to converse in other languages and teach abroad!

In my experience I have benefited greatly by studying foreign languages and it has lead me to some incredible places and people! Whether it was being able to teach English in the beautiful area of Bodensee in the south of Germany, or simply being able to make close friends from other countries, I simply cannot imagine my life without the competency of at least one additional language. German is the language closest to my heart, alongside Germany’s culture and literature. I have been dedicating the last few years of my life to researching due to my personal interest, and now through the means of university. It is my goal to spread word when it comes to the advantages of learning languages, as well as how one can go about learning a language. Lee Loves Languages is a small, side project that I commenced during the early summer of 2019. This blog offers practical advice and I often share my experiences of teaching, learning and researching. There is a large emphasis on the topic of German Studies and Interpreting Studies as I am a student of these subjects at university in Scotland. If you are interested, join me for the adventure!

Join me in changing the way that the world learns languages!

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    1. Hello, Mike. Thank you for your comment. Recently, i have been looking into more Mandarin resources as i would like to pick it back up again after a very hectic year. I’ve always really enjoyed using ‘Teach Yourself Chinese’. It gives you great, practical conversations and in depth answers to questions. The only downside to it is that they haven’t written the conversations with the Chinese characters. The book itself does teach Mandarin Chinese so, please, don’t let that put you off. I love to watch a lot of courses on YouTube. I quite like learning with a channel called ‘Learn Chinese with ChineseClass101.com’. It is a website and a YouTube channel which features lots of vocabulary, grammar, etc. I love this resource a lot! I hope any of these might help you! Bye for now, Lee.


  1. I watched your new YouTube video about learning Dutch. I’m wondering: when you are pronouncing and repeating new words aloud, what sorts of things are you thinking about or visualizing to help remember the word, long-term? For “hello,” I can imagine visualizing yourself giving a greeting to a Dutch person you know or saw photographed, but when words are so similar or have multiple meanings, do you have mental techniques to help keep everything distinct and ready for future recall?

    Thanks, this is all interesting because so many of those I know have a knack for different kinds of knowledge such as math, English, philosophy, politics, chess… but not polylingualism. I had long wondered what techniques might allow keeping track of so many languages, both similar and different.

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  2. Really cool story, Lee. Enjoyed reading through your blog and watching some of your videos. Great to see another young polyglot out there. Would love to see a video of you speaking your languages go up on your channel. Keep up the good work. I will follow it with interest.

    All best,
    Max Hartle


  3. it would be super cool if you made a video where you speak all languages !!!! Please make one!


    1. Awesome! I subscribed. I’ve been thinking about starting a channel to document my language learning journey.


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